18 May 2011

Pajama pant fail

     I wanted to wear them.  I wanted to love them.  I wanted to lounge in them all day whilst my little one naps and plays.  I wanted to make a pair for every day of the week.  But McCall's 3019 does me no favors. :(
     What went wrong?  The waist was too high, the stride (a polite way of saying the crotch) a little  long, and too much fabric floating around the rear since I'm flat as a pancake.  The upshot of it all is the pants do not flatter.
     So it's back to quilting.  I've started Antonio's Urban Chic quilt.  He wanted a simple, modern design with a neutral palette- black, gray, yellow, white.  I threw in a little aqua to make it pop.

     I cut off the selvedges so I can't name all the fabrics.  There are a few Art Gallery fabrics, a Joel Dewberry, and a couple whose provenance I don't know.  The quilt will be a little bigger than called for (seven blocks across and seven down).  I'll need to buy a few more prints for the center pieces.
     I was hoping to find photos of Urban Chic quilts that others have made.  A Google search pretty much only turns up the quilts on the Artichoke Collection site.  Anyone out there have any links?