24 April 2013

Time to do. (some) Good

Ahhh... Spring.  The sunny warmth has signaled it's time to get the garden, the house and my waistline in order.  To that end I've been planting things (mostly edibles), spring cleaning, and have started running.  Well, walking with some running thrown in.  By summer I hope to have built up enough stamina to just call it running. 

I'm feeling the itch to start a fresh, new project.  That itch, however, cannot be scratched until existing projects are completed.  I don't have many WIP's at the moment- just a couple of quilts and cushions for a thrifted chair. A short list, I know, but the lovely spring weather is proving to be a distraction.

Priority #1 is this do. Good Stitches quilt, made with colorful scrappy blocks from the Love Circle:

It only needs to be bound.  Since my month was January, it's high time this quilt was finished and shipped off to the Wrap Them in Love Foundation, don't you think? 

Priority #2 is this vintage chair.  Here are the pieces ready to be assembled into cushion covers. 

It would be lovely to finish up this weekend.  I haven't decided what to do about the frame.  I would like to paint it either yellow or aqua, but my family votes for simply re-staining it.  Or I could leave it as is for a truly shabby chic look.  Any suggestions?

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WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

13 April 2013

A long time coming

I'm not sure why it took so long to finish The Old Girl.  I picked her up after almost two years of neglect, then got to the binding stage.  Halfway through hand-stitching the binding down, I inexplicably stopped working on her.  But she's done now and looking very beautiful on my little lady's bed.

Now that's done, time to turn my attention to an estate sale find from three years ago desperately in need of cushions (originally blogged here).  Pieces of Trellis from AMH's Drawing Room have been cut and are ready to be assembled.  But first this had to be made:

First attempt at making a bias binding for my first attempt at making my own piping.  I hated every minute of it, but had no choice as I couldn't find this color piping in this particular width.  Since this is going to be used with home dec weight fabric, I went with bottom weight sateen to make the binding a little heftier.

This weekend I'll tackle the making of the zipper panels, then let the cushion cover assembly commence!

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