17 September 2012

Simple pleasures

Sometimes all the need-to-dos get in the way of enjoying life.  We're so busy with obligations, tasks and responsibilities that we forget to just be in the moment.  At least that's how I feel.  My mind is always trying to stay one step ahead, and weekends end up feeling rushed and busy.

The family and I actually slowed down enough this past weekend to engage in some nice-to-dos.  Apart from the kids' soccer games, everything else was impromptu: breakfast at a favorite restaurant, lunch at another, playtime at the park, a movie.  Of course, that left the weekly shopping and a mountain of laundry to address this morning, but I have no complaints.

Before the idyllic weekend, I finally pieced a bee block that is super tardy.  For Design Camp (I won't even tell you which month), Anne sent out solids and asked us to make a 15" tiny house block.  The colors I received were begging to be made into a mid-century modern style house.  A huge MCM fan, I was only too happy to comply. 

I also finished up a couple of wonky pinwheel blocks for do. Good Stitches.  Isn't the color palette Natalie chose gorgeous?

I found piecing these addictive, and a small project made of these blocks is in order.  Should you want to make some yourself, Natalie provides an excellent tutorial here.

I've got one more tardy bee block to take care of, then I'm caught up and can turn my attention to other bees and swaps due soon.  But first, I'll have to go visit my stash, currently stored at a friend's house, to pull some fabric.  Or maybe I should just do a little light fabric shopping since everything is packed away so nicely...

12 September 2012

A little progress

Yesterday I began piecing the September blocks for the Love Circle at do. Good Stitches.  Natalie wrote up a fun tutorial for Wonky Pinwheels and requested blocks in rich, warm tones.  Pulling fabric is always fun, but it was a little challenging finding a nice variety since the majority of my stash has been packed away.

Luckily, I had a bit of kona white and and scraps of Pure Elements in linen still accessible, as well as some essex linen leftover the secret swap pouch.  All thirty-two units are at least half done, with a couple of them completed. 

I'm really itching to open up those packing boxes to pull more prints in order to give the blocks more variety. 

Natalie's wonky pinwheel is yet another block I'm pinning for later use.  I love improv blocks that require a ruler and a rotary cutter.  I like to feel edgy, but also maintain a degree of precision.  That said, my goal is to make a more concerted effort to do some forget-the-ruler improv piecing.  I'm hoping that the timing of a Sherri Lynn Wood class currently being organized works with my fall schedule.  If it doesn't, I may have to do some shuffling to make sure it does.

Between packing up the stash and dealing with a sick toddler, I regret to say that this the only bit of sewing I did this week.  The chain-piecing was a nice break from all the chaos.  My goal is to finish the pinwheels, as well as a few overdue bee blocks.  Also, finish this little bit of stitching on the binding of a charity quilt- so shameful to have stopped so close to the end!

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06 September 2012

Something old, something new

The family and I had a lovely Labor Day holiday at Lassen Volcanic National Park.  There were some amazing sights, and the park wasn't too crowded.  Here are some highlights of the trip:

I should have planned better and brought along a new project Martina and I want to make together.  We purchased Tacha Breucher's Hexa Go-Go last week and love the Over the Rainbow quilt .  Our plan is to work on it in our spare time and finish it before she graduates in nine years.  Pretty reasonable time frame, don't ya think? 

Martina has decided she wants to raid my precious stash of Anna Maria Horner prints for this project.  Ummm... we'll see.  She can definitely use Innocent Crush and Field Study since they're replaceable (right now, at least).  The jury's still out on Garden Party and Good Folks.  She'll have to catch me in a generous mood. 

This week, I'll be getting back to Antonio's Urban Chic quilt.  He liked the geometric lines of this pattern and chose a grey/yellow/black color scheme.  I threw in a little aqua for some punch. 

I started this quilt last summer, and the poor kid has waited long enough for it.  I'm not sure how I'll quilt it.  Any suggestions?  In the meantime it's on to the dreaded pin-basting.  I think I'll pop some ibuprofen now for the backache that's sure to follow.

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