27 April 2011

Spring break, quilt break

     The kids are out for Spring Break this week.  Very challenging to keep a 9-year old, 7-year old and an 18-month old entertained without a car to take them places.  We walked to one of the neighborhood parks yesterday, but we left after 40 minutes because the landscapers came to cut the grass.  Bad for my allergies.
     I'm taking a forced break from Martina's quilt- it's too big to quilt on the Kenmore.  The Singer 301 can accomodate the quilt, but it needs to be serviced first.  Luckily, Animal Planet keeps the older ones  entertained whilst the little one sleeps and I take up a new sewing project.  Here's what's on my sewing table:

PJ pants from McCall's 3019.  The fabric is from the Anthology collection by Color Principle for Henry Glass. 
     First sewing project for myself!  I've been wearing the same pair of brown and pink polka dotted flannel pj pants all winter.  I'm tired of looking at them, and I'm pretty sure the hubby is, too.  Spring calls for lightweight cotton in fresh colors.  I may have to make a couple more pairs so I don't wear these out by summer (and let's not kid ourselves, great excuse to go fabric shopping).

11 April 2011

Little momma learns to quilt

     The quilt bug has bitten little momma.  She's been begging to make a quilt, but I thought it was more appropriate for her to make a doll quilt.  Here she is hard at work:

     Look at the concentration on her face!  How cute is she?  And clever.  She couldn't reach the foot pedal, so she propped it up on books under the table.  But it kept slipping off the books.  Her solution?  See below.

She eventually figured out that if she used her elbow on the pedal, she could guide the fabric with both hands.  This girl has smarts.
     Here's her quilt top so far.  She just has to cut and sew on the border.  She's been busy getting her room in order, so she had to take a break from quilting.  Hopefully, we can get back to the quilting lessons.  It all depends on how quickly she can get her room cleaned and organized.

     Stay tuned for updates!

07 April 2011

Done, done and done!

     The last knot has been buried and the last binding clip removed.  This (late) birthday present is ready to be shipped to it's new owner!

    Details of the quilt blocks can be found here.  To these fabrics I added (as an extra inner border) an orchid color Kona cotton.  I used an aqua fabric with soft yellow polka dots and the raspberry Mixmasters Dot to Dot from the blocks as middle borders, and Dancing Paisley in Limestone from Amy Butler's Soul Blossoms collection as the outer border.  I sewed up the leftover fabric from the quilt blocks and the backing to make the scrappy binding.  The backing fabric is Topiary in Sprout from Tula Pink's Parisville collection.

     I hope she likes it!