11 April 2011

Little momma learns to quilt

     The quilt bug has bitten little momma.  She's been begging to make a quilt, but I thought it was more appropriate for her to make a doll quilt.  Here she is hard at work:

     Look at the concentration on her face!  How cute is she?  And clever.  She couldn't reach the foot pedal, so she propped it up on books under the table.  But it kept slipping off the books.  Her solution?  See below.

She eventually figured out that if she used her elbow on the pedal, she could guide the fabric with both hands.  This girl has smarts.
     Here's her quilt top so far.  She just has to cut and sew on the border.  She's been busy getting her room in order, so she had to take a break from quilting.  Hopefully, we can get back to the quilting lessons.  It all depends on how quickly she can get her room cleaned and organized.

     Stay tuned for updates!

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