31 January 2011

Field trip!

     The family and I went down to Santa Cruz yesterday in search of some mid-century furniture.  Sadly, the dealer we wanted to visit was closed.  We took a walk around "downtown" Soquel and popped into a couple of antique shops (we had to issue dire threats to the kids in regards to touching things and horsing around before venturing inside).
    We stumbled into Soquel Village Antiques- so much eye candy!  Not too much mid-century modern, which is more to our taste, but there were lots of lovely things.  I fell in love with this quilt:

Heirloom quilt


Sadly, it did not come home with me.  But I would love to make a quilt like this one.   A little scared of the octagons, but I feel inspired to try.
    After our little antiquing jaunt, we met some friends at the roller rink in Santa Cruz.  Next door was the most amazing fabric store.  Hart's Fabrics (which I review here) has everything I've ever drooled over online.  It was nice to see the fabric in person.  The prices were pretty much in line with other fabric stores that sell designer fabric.  I left with this fabric for a sew-a-long apron project with a friend.  I most definitely will be visiting again. 

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