13 July 2011

Zombie invasion!

     The kiddies and I have been busy thanks to this book.  Here they are working on their projects:

I enlarged the templates to 160%, because the pieces were too small for little hands.  As you can see, the eldest child had the wherewithal to finish Vampire Zombie.  The middle child- not so much.  Though she looks very industrious in the pics, poor Zombie Baby is still just an unstuffed head. 
     The youngest child actually cooperated during our mini-photo shoot.  Briefly.  Before trying to eat the zombie.

Martina with Classic Zombie, Kieran with Zombie Surfer, Tonio with Vampire Zombie

Fortunately, we were able to save Zombie Surfer.  He remains in the land of the undead.

These felties are so addictive to make.  I feel the urge to make another.  Thrilla, I'm looking at you!

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  1. Aww! Love the cute felt zombies, love the gorgeous kids even more!


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