17 July 2013

Midsummer Sewing

It feels like forever since I've sat in front of my sewing machine, but in actuality it's only been a week.  I took a short hiatus to run "camp" (which was pretty much a week of playdates at home) for my children and two dear girls of close family friends.

The plan this week was to baste and quilt Kieran's brick quilt, but the last of the blocks from the Love Circle rolled in this week, and I feel compelled to finish the do.Good Stitches quilt first.  Especially since I have two completed d.GS quilts waiting to be sent off to Wrap Them in Love.  Horrible, horrible... but they really will go out as soon as I finish this latest one.

And so, that is the only WIP on the books this week.  Here's a parting shot of the Sorry!-inspired Goose Creek quilt top:

Linking up to WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced.


  1. It's fresh and lovely! So very pretty. :)

  2. I love the Sorry Quilt! At first I did not understand the Sorry part and then looked at the quilt again and thought about the game - it has been ages since I saw that game. Oh, and then I checked your link to be sure that I was right. How bright and fresh!
    tinking along

  3. Such a fun and fresh quilt top! Love the controlled scrappiness of it and your underlying Sorry! theme is so darn clever.
    Hope to see you one of these days. How's your garden?

  4. I like it! It's so happy! :)

  5. Just like a staycation, summer camp at home sounds like a wonderful way to build lasting memories. I've been wanting to design a quilt based on childhood board games like Sorry! and Parcheesi - which I'm sure isn't original but hey... love your version. Hope to see you at another Sew Day soon.


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