02 August 2013

A finish and a fail

Of all the charity quilts I've made, this Sorry! inspired Goose Creek quilt is by far my favorite.  It's hard to part with, but knowing that a child in need will find some comfort in it lessens the sting. 


The ladies of the Love Circle (of do. Good Stitches) did an amazing job making these blocks, and I adore the end result.  I always thought I liked modern quilts, but this one feels very vintage-y and I'm completely charmed by it.  In fact, after I wrap up a couple of other projects, I think I may make another to keep.

After finishing Goose Creek earlier this week, I intended to piece the backing for Kieran's brick quilt.  An error in calculations held this process up last month, a fact I conveniently forgot.  Since working on K'S quilt calls for a fabric purchase, I decided to move on to "41."  The back was carefully cut and methodically pieced last night.  After pressing the new backing, I laid it down over the quilt top and... something's rotten in the state of Denmark. 

The backing is a full 17 inches too narrow.  I ask you... 17 inches???  Not to mention the major puckering in the middle of the quilt top (see how lumpy it is under the backing?).  Will it quilt out?  I don't even know.  I have a horrible feeling that when I make the quilt sandwich, no amount of smoothing will make it lie flat.  There is most probably some painstaking un-sewing in my future.   


  1. Such a colorful charity quilt - sure to be loved and enjoyed. I like the beautiful simplicity of the pattern. Beautiful finish, and it looks like you have some more awesome things in progress.

  2. The finished quilt looks fab. Good luck with your other challenge!

  3. Amazing quilt just love it! I can see why you are attached to it. So beautiful and it will make a little child so very happy. Stopping by from Crazy Mom Quilts. Have a great weekend ..........Marie

  4. That's a really lovely quilt. My favourite I've ever made is a give away quilt too but it makes me happy knowing it's being enjoyed. Congrats on a great finish.

  5. Your Goose Creek quilt is so cute! What happened with your backing, though -- poor you! Does this mean you get to buy more fabric again? ;D


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