13 September 2011

Scrapbuster swap- more, more, more!

     Twenty blocks for the Scrapbuster Swap (blogged here) are waiting to be sent.  I was ready to package them up and send them on their merry way until I browsed the Flickr pool for this swap.  Photos of monochromatic blocks were posted by a fellow swapper and they are gorgeous.  So, of course, now I have to make monochromatic blocks!
     I have enough in my stash to make aqua, pink and green monochromatic blocks.  That's sixteen different aqua prints, sixteen pink prints and sixteen green prints.  I've only completed two quilts, so the math doesn't quite add up, does it?  I have a bit of a fabric hoarding problem.
     Here's the aqua block.  I love it and can't wait to make the pink and green blocks.


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  1. Both the multicolored and monochromatic blocks are really cute! :)


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