29 August 2011

Scrappy block, take two

     One Postage Stamp block down, nineteen to go for the Scrapbuster Block Swap.  So I thought until I measured it.  Finishing up at 8 3/8", it's an 1/8" shy of what it should measure.  Naughty thing- now I have to unsew you!  Ah, well, I wasn't really in love with the block anyway.  There were too many aqua tones in the block.
     After a little trip to Hart's Fabrics to pick up a few FQ's and raiding a friend's stash (which negates the"scrapbusting" part of the swap), I started the second iteration of Block #1. 

It measures up at exactly 8 1/2" square.  
     The first block was strip-pieced, which went mighty quickly.  The second was pieced individually.  I enjoy piecing individually piecing the components better than strip-piecing.  It takes more time, but I like playing with fabric selection and placement.  That, or I just like doing things the hard way.

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