16 August 2011

The other needles

     I'm throwing another project into the mix... this time a non-sewing project.  I'm picking up the knitting needles after a year or so of leaving off unfinished knitting projects.  I basically stopped knitting when I stopped working because I stopped riding the train, which is where I did my knitting.  I also blame sewing and quilting. 

     It's out with the old, in with the new (knitting projects, that is).  I decided not to pick up where I left off on the three sweaters I had going.  Instead, I cast-on for the Maple Street Cardigan from the Fall 2009 edition of Interweave Knits.  Although I love it in lavendar, I decided to knit it up in the Dark Green colorway of this yarn.  Dark green isn't really an accurate description of the yarn- it's more of a teal color.

     I hope I can actually finish this sweater.  I have only completed two knitting projects.  The first was a scarf I made for Tonio, from a cheap acrylic yarn which has pilled most horribly.  The other was this  cute little poncho for Martina in a nice silk and wool hand-dyed yarn.

My mother shrank it in the wash on her last visit here.  Shrank it down to barbie doll size.  I've promised little momma to make her another.

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