19 October 2011

A bee for a Bee

     I've been hijacking time here and there from my domestic and child-rearing duties to work on a blog button for the Piece Be With You Flickr group.  My kitchen table was the sight of some furious paper piecing last night.  I thought I would be able to knock out the actual block for the button image during the little one's nap yesterday.  But those two hours were spent divvying up the design into sub-units and numbering the pieces.

    Here's a sneak peek that leaves little to the imagination, but it's fun to see the block before the paper was torn away.

    The big reveal will be on Flickr.  After I figure out how to make the actual button.  I'm hoping it's as simple as finding a piece of code, then copy-paste-replace.


  1. WTG in actually making this too! Sorry, had I seen this last night, I could have fired you the code, Flickr took a suddent avversion to displaying the code even with spacers :o/

  2. That looks FANTASTIC! You're awesome for sewing an actual block just for the blog button! :) :)

  3. Just found your blog while blog surfing @ the RPQ patchwork and quilt blog list. Gonna follow along with you. :o) I have been quilting for a little while but still feel like a beginner! Love your blocks and paper piecing. I just learned to paper piece hexies. That is a cool blog button! Come by and visit me anytime. :o)


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