24 October 2011

Habitat Challenged

     This Habitat challenge is not quite working out the way I planned.  My great idea was...well, was not so great.  The plan was to discharge color from half of each fat eighth we were given and choose a simple design to highlight the results. 

     Here's what the fabric looked like after 20 minutes in my washing machine with a weak bleach and water solution, then a spin in the dryer:

The moss color turned to amber, and the aqua faded a teeny bit.  Aside from that, there was no perceptible change.  I threw a few of the pieces into my kitchen sink with a much stronger bleach and water solution, swishing them around for about 10 minutes.

The colors faded a bit more, but not to the degree I was expecting.  Of course, had I accidentally spilled bleach in the washer while pre-washing the fabric, there would have been all kinds of discharging going on!   
     Either the colors weren't saturated enough before the discharging experiment, or the fabric was treated to hold color.  Whether one, the other, or both, I've got to think of something fast- there's less than 2 weeks before the next BAMQG meeting.

     Speaking of BAMQG, I've also got to make my blocks for the A-Z Quilt-along.  We're on "E" blocks, but I've fallen a little behind.  So it's "D" and "E" blocks, plus my Habitat Challenge project by next Saturday.  I'm hoping the quilting gods will smile down upon me this week.    


  1. What does the 'wrong' side of the fabric look like? Maybe you can get the effect you want by using the back side as the right side of the fabric? Also, iDye makes a fabric color remover that may work too -- Good luck!

  2. Thanks for the suggestions! Now why didn't I think of using the wrong side? I think it'll work for a few of the prints.

  3. Sorry, no idea about the colour, but thought you might need your own personal cheer squad:

    'Go Deborah, go Deobrah, go!'

    *fluttering of pompoms*

  4. What a neat idea! On the bright side, isn't it nice knowing that they try to make their fabric hold the original colors...? :D


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