18 January 2012

Yes ma'am

Goodness it feels like ages since I've written a blog post.  And, though I did finish hand-stitching the binding on a quilt a friend of mine made,  I haven't picked up any of my own projects since finishing up the Quilt for a Smile charity quilt over a week ago.  I should change my blog name to "Sew Lazy" or something similar.

Tonight should be a little more productive as it will be spent at Open Sew at the LQS.  I feel compelled to clean my machine before I head out, though.  I got schooled at the last Open Sew by a fellow quilter who was admiring my Singer 301a.  Noticing the dust bunnies as she removed the throat plate, she fussed about the need to keep my machine cleaned and oiled.  I must have had an empty look on my face, because she proceeded to clean the feed dogs and bobbin case and oil the machine!  The machine was a bit linty and dusty, but I honestly did clean it during the Thanksgiving holiday.  Either I need to find a less linty thread, or my house is dustier than I thought!

Apparently she felt the need to keep an eye on me.  As I was pressing the "Galaxy Star" paper pieced block I made (yes, after 3 hours at Open Sew all I had to show for it was one block), she tapped me on the shoulder and said "Excuse me... can I show you something?"  I got a lesson on how to "press" rather than "iron" my block.  Little did she know I was ironing the HE double L out of the block because, after sewing the four units together, it was an 1/8" short all around!  I'm sure she left that night shaking her head at the follies of the modern quilter.

Still 1/16" short- needs more "pressing"!



  1. Your open sew sounds so fun! Even though some people are nosy, they're also entertaining. :D

    The galaxy star is so cute! Is it for a bee or something? If it were just for my own project, I wouldn't worry about it being short. :>

  2. Geez, first your kids put you in your place, and now random strangers in shops... ;o)

  3. Quilters do love to chat, that's part of the dna I think. I always love giving advise to strangers in a quilt store but I wait for them to ask! Wish my LQS had an open sew night, sounds fun. An 1/8" shy is only 1/16" shy on each seam and that's within my forgiveness margin - hope it works out because the block is super cute.

  4. The galaxy star is really cute ! I love Erin McMorris's fabric !

    You made me laugh with this post :) I had to tell you.

  5. Which quilt shop do you go to for Open Sew? It sounds pretty fun...


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