02 January 2012

Finish-a-long: Q1

I thought I'd share a couple of notes my children posted on the refrigerator during the holidays.

Notice the difference in their tones.  Antonio was firm, but polite, in his note.  Smiley face and stars to generate a positive response.  Martina skipped the subtlety altogether.  The "thank you" is tacked on merely as an afterthought.  I guess they figured the time had come to stop asking me nicely when their projects would be finished and flat out demand that I finish them!

Rather than making a New Year's resolution to finish all of my WIP's, which just begs failure, I'm joining the Finish-a-long at Quilter in the Gap.

Rhonda had the brilliant idea of hosting a quarterly contest to encourage quilters everywhere to finish outstanding projects.  Projects we loved enough to start, but whatever the reason, we just didn't seem to get around completing.  The week before each quarter, we post a link to the projects we intend to finish during that particular quarter.  At quarter's end, we post a link to each completed project. 

At the top of my list for Q1 is the Mod Mosaic charity quilt top made for Project Linus in December 2011, fabric courtesy of Patricia Bravo (blogged here).  The backing fabric is in the bottom right corner.  This project needs to be sandwiched, quilted and bound. 

Next up is Antonio's Urban Chic quilt top, which I pieced in June 2011 (blogged here).  Backing fabric is in the bottom right corner.  To finish I need to sandwich, quilt and bind it.  My guy's been so patient.  I really should be a good mommy and finish this quilt. 

Finally, I have a baby quilt to make for my neighbor, whose baby boy was born on Christmas Day.  I have a stack of HST's and extra fabric leftover from this charity quilt I made earlier this year for 100 Quilts for Kids.  Since my neighbor admired the quilt so much, I'm going to make her the same quilt, minus the fabrics with pink tones in them.  To finish, I need to make more HST's, piece the top, then sandwich, quilt and bind it.

That's all I can handle this quarter.  There should have been another quilt on this list (the one Martina demanded I finish).  But since writing the note above, Martina has lost interest in her finished quilt top and has requested a new one.  It's to be a Mod Mosaic quilt using Patricia Bravo's Poetica in the Seafoam Symphony palette.  Thank goodness that collection isn't on the market yet!  Poetica is slated to be released in February, so that gives me a little time to finish up these other quilts.


  1. Ha, that's you told then! Good luck with your list for this quarter :o)

  2. Your kids are cute! Good luck with your list.

  3. I adore those notes from your kids. When they get older (my youngest is 16) the notes aren't quite so sweet. Actually they aren't even notes. My daughter and I had a conversation about her quilt just the other day. She wants a T-Shirt quilt. She said "Mom, do you think I will ever get my quilt?" I mumbled something about some day. "well, maybe I can get it for a graduation present, well maybe not because you would have had to have started it a couple of years ago since I graduate next year" My response? Get out of my studio right now!!! LOL

    Thanks so much for playing along with us. I love your son's quilt. It is beautiful. I can't wait to see your finished quilts.

  4. Those notes are hilarious. I love your quilt tops. They are wonderful. Can't wait to see them finished. My older 2 both have quilts made by me when they were 4. My youngest turned 12 today, and still has no quilt. It's on my 1st quarter list to finish.

  5. I love your kids' notes! It's awesome that they're looking forward to quilts made by you. :) Good luck finishing your WIPs!

  6. Great notes! I love Antonio's quilt - I can see why he is so anxious to have it! Good luck with your finishing!

  7. Those are great fabrics in your son's quilt!

  8. Those notes from the kids are so cute! I love how Antonio adds Martina's quilt to his list, very sweet. And I like Martina's practicality; her comforter has a hole in it! How dare she be asked to sleep under it any longer?!
    Adorable, good luck with your finishes!


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