17 December 2011

Quilt for a Smile: We have a quilt top!

As is par for the course around the holidays, things have been pretty busy around here.  Children's activities, meetings and my shoulder surgery have kept me away from the sewing machine more than I'd have liked.  But I did manage to eek out a quilt top.

 As I posted earlier, the generous Patricia Bravo sent fabric scraps from her studio to readers who volunteered to make a quilt for Project Linus.  I chose to make a Mod Mosaic quilt based on Elizabeth Hartman's Mod Mosaic floor pillow tutorial.  I absolutely love the Mod Mosaic block, but it is time consuming!  I think I'll keep to simpler blocks for charity quilts- the goal is to make them quickly so I can donate them quickly.

After watching me play around and make blocks with the scraps I received, Martina (my 8-year old) has become an ardent admirer of Patricia Bravo.  So much so that she has commissioned a Mod Mosaic quilt from me.  We went to Pat's blog and browsed though her fabric collections, where Martina chose the yet-to-be-released Poetica in the cool colorway for her quilt.  My parents gave her Christmas shopping money, and she decided to put aside some of that money to buy a 1/2 yard bundle of Poetica when it hits the shops in February.

The quilting of the Project Linus quilt will, unfortunately, have to wait until my shoulder completely heals.  This gives me a little time to decide how to quilt it.  Free motion quilting is out (never tried it), as is stitch in the ditch (which lines would I follow?).  Any suggestions?


  1. It's gorgeous! and well done to your little girl for putting her money towards a future project, i know my eight year old wouldn't have that restraint..lol!

  2. Oh that is fab, well done you! Hope your shoulder feels better soon

  3. That's so cute your daughter commissioned a quilt and is even paying for the fabric! I agree -- it's so impressive that she's saving her money for it. :)

    I guess you could do mod mosaic-style quilting lines? As in rando lines across the top?

    Your quilt is gorgeous!

  4. Wow, Deborah, it looks great! Love the colors and the block pattern you chose. Insofar as quilting.....hmmmmmm......maybe diagonal lines contained in each block, that go different ways per block? Hope you'll be bringing the top at least to a BAMQG meeting soon so we can see it in person!

  5. I love it!!


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