18 July 2012

Fabric Fun

I've finally gotten the number of Flickr swaps and bees down to a manageable number.  I haven't dropped out of any, just haven't re-upped.  Hopefully, frantic sewing of numerous blocks at the eleventh hour will be a thing of the past, and personal projects will finally get the attention they deserve. 

In place of bees and swaps, I've found a new pastime: fabric swapping.  I'm especially excited about the Modern Designer Charm Swap, hosted by Amy of Amy Creates.  What I like about this charm swap is participants are sorted into groups according to the designers they've chosen.  If you love modern fabric and want to swap charms from your favorite designer, head over and join in the fun! 

There are also a few swap groups dedicated to de-stashing and finding the fabric you've been coveting but haven't been able to find.  I received a lovely package all the way from Paris on Monday:

I'm finalizing a few other swaps, including one with a fellow AMH addict in Australia.  She managed to find some Good Folks prints languishing away at her LQS (!!!)

If anyone out there has AMH's Garden Party, Bohemian or Good Folks prints that they're willing to swap, send me an email and we'll work something out!

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  1. Good plan on cutting down a bit! I'm deliberately not looking for anything new right now...


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