06 February 2013

Squeaky Wheel

The next couple of projects are all about Martina.  After Antonio's quilt was finished, of course she asked about her quilt, and rightly so.  The first quilt, blogged here, just needs the binding stitched down.  She's going to use it until her Poetica quilt is completed, at which time Old Girl will become a family quilt.

My February entry for ALYOF is said Poetica quilt.  I've either got a few more blocks to make, or I've got too many.  I put them up slapdash on my makeshift design wall (which has since fallen into a sad heap on the floor, blocks and all) and think it may look a little too busy.  I think it needs sashing to calm down the crazy, in which case there will be extra blocks.  Martina may get a pillow as well!

Before I start piecing the Poetica quilt, however, we have a little bit of an emergency project .  Martina's school is hosting a Father/Daughter dance Friday evening, and Martina informed me she has nothing to wear.  She's gone through a growth spurt the past couple of months, and her dresses are too short or snug.  I spent the morning searching for a dress pattern and purchased the Marissa Dress at Jennifer Paganelli's Sis Boom shop.  I'm considering these fabric combinations:

Of course, it's all subject to the little lady's approval.  She may go rogue and choose neither of them.  We shall see what she decides when she gets home from school today.

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  1. I think the quilt needs something to pull it together. I like scrappy myself, but I think there has to be some color or fabric control to make the scrappy work. You might need to make some more blocks, that will pull one or more of the fabrics out. In the end this might be the start of two or more quilts.

  2. Obviously she knows how to pick her moments ;o)

  3. Your makeshift design wall is in such a pretty spot! That Poetica quilt looks nice and big -- it'll make for great snuggling. I'm looking forward to seeing the dress you sew for Martina's dance! :)

  4. What a fantastic color pallet! I can't wait to see how it goes. Thanks for linking up sweetie!


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