04 February 2013

Block for Mia

Last year I responded to a call for donation blocks from Val at Pink Please!  String blocks, donated by quilters everywhere, were made into a gorgeous quilt by Val and auctioned off by the Heroes Foundation.  The quilt raised a whopping $1,000!  You can see that wonderful quilt and read about it here.

This year, Val is asking for wonky improv circles.  I put off making the block for as long as I could because it's outside my comfort zone.  Once I started working on the block, it was actually quick and quite fun.

When I made last year's string block, I didn't know anyone personally who had passed away from cancer.  This year's block has special meaning for my family.  We lost a friend to cancer on Christmas Eve.  And because I am getting teary-eyed as I write this, I will not go into her story just now.  But Mia, my friend, this block is for you.


  1. Beautiful block, great tribute to your friend

  2. Your block is so pretty, and a wonderful way to remember your friend. :)


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