30 January 2013

A taste of spring

Over the weekend past I received two things... a package of fabric and a case of the sniffles.  Each of them developed into full-blown versions of themselves- that is, the fabric became a skirt, and the sniffles became a cold.  I guess with the good we must accept the bad.

No sooner had the postman walked away from the front door than Martina had ripped open the envelope and claimed a Heather Bailey print (which I found for a steal) as her own.  I've got to keep my eye on that one.  She's nine years old and already raiding my things!  Inspired by the warmer weather, she asked that a skirt be made for spring. 

A quilty friend and I had arranged a sew date, and I arrived at her home Saturday night with said Heather Bailey print and plans to make a skirt.  It was in the midst of skirt-making that my sniffles became something more.  Tissues and allergy medication were doled out by my kind friend (I thought the spring-like weather we've been having might have kicked up the allergies).  However, the more I sewed, the more I sniffled.  Long story short, by the next day, I had a finished skirt and a cold.

I've finally recovered and had fun photographing the little miss in her new skirt.

She's raided my stash and has commissioned six more skirts.  I guess I know what I'll be working on the next few days! 


  1. You are training her well oh wise one, great taste!

    Hope you feel better soon!

  2. I love that jumping picture!

    Hehehe... that's adorable that she's stealing your fabric and commissioning pieces. Six is a lot of skirts, though!

    I'm glad you're feeling better! :)

  3. How wonderful that she likes your sewing! Love the boots, too.


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