18 January 2013


I can now count exactly one finished quilt that belongs to us.  Well, to my son, anyway.  It was actually finished on January 7th, but I let Antonio enjoy it for a bit before I posted about it.  Also, I was tad bit lazy.

So after a year-and-a-half in the making, this quilt (my January project for A Lovely Year of Finishes) is complete.  The pattern is Urban Chic, made with various prints of aqua, yellow and grey.  The binding print is from one of Denyse Schmidt's collections found at Joann's.

Just as Martina and I picked all the prints together for 'Old Girl', Antonio and I selected all of the fabric for this quilt together.  Antonio had the grace to say he was kinda glad I waited so long to finish it, or we wouldn't have found that particular print for the binding.  Thanks, kid!


  1. What a fabulous finish! And your kids are adorable modeling Antonio's quilt. :) He's such a sweetie for saying that about the binding fabric!

  2. Lol, way to find the silver lining there kiddo! It looks great anyway, and congrats on the first finish!

  3. It sounds like he's quite pleased with his quilt. It looks great! That's a son who could be forgiven a lot. =)

  4. How special to have your project finished! Also cool that you that you let your quilt holders be in the picture. So often all we see are hands!


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