06 September 2013

Finally caving

Earlier this year I made a resolution to refrain from joining bees, swaps and any type of "along."  This week, I came to the sad conclusion that I can hold out no longer.  It's been a good run, but there have been a few flickr swaps that I regretted not joining.  Marcelle Medallion quilts found here, here and here further weakened my resolve.  The Marcelle Medallion Quilt-Along hosted over at penny poppleton was the final nail in the coffin.

So with Liberty Love book in hand, I spent some time yesterday (between spurts of domesticity) perusing my stash for the center medallion prints.  Nothing in my stash was off limits for a future project, all prints previously deemed too dear to cut into were fair game.

Seven prints.  That is all that's required for the center medallion, and yet it took me all afternoon and well into the evening to settle on seven prints.  I even fell asleep thinking about the seven prints.  My stash and sewing area look like the aftermath of a rummage sale, but I'm feeling pretty confident these are "the ones": 

I've decided to let the quilt grow organically with each successive round of borders.  I like the idea of delving into my stash as the quilt grows.  My goal is to use stash fabric for this quilt, but who knows what new print may be in my stash when it's time for the next round?  It's also a good reminder of the wonderful fabrics that have been tucked away for much too long.


  1. Oh it's so tough to mix up even the previously off-limits ones!

  2. I have been fighting the Marcelle Medallion bug for quite awhile now -pages 76-82 are quite worn, but I don't want to start it until I know that I will have time to finish it. I don't want it to be a UFO!
    I love your fabric pull and the thoughts of just letting it grow.
    It will be exciting to watch it grow from start to finish.
    xo jan@sewandsowfarm

  3. That's going to be a fabulous quilt! It's a good thing I don't have that book, or else I bet I'd get sucked in, too. :D


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