09 September 2013

Paper and thread

In between soccer games and thrifting, I began work on the Marcelle center medallion over the weekend.  I opted to go the EPP route to avoid the dreaded y-seams.  It's also nice to have a portable project to work on while the kids have soccer practice and guitar lessons this week.

After the myriad changes I made before settling on this stack, I made a few more changes once the prints were cut and pieces laid out.  The print meant for the outer corners was moved to the center star, and a couple of prints were switched out completely.  Here's my final answer, basted and ready to be hand-pieced:

There are helpful tips for piecing the center medallion, whether by machine or by hand, at the MMQAL hosted over at penny poppleton

It was a little scary cutting into some of my most precious prints.  I'm happy to have found a project that's stash-worthy.  Now that I've finally cut into them, I don't think I'll be so hesitant to pull them out for future projects.

Now it's to pick up the needle and thread (though I really should be picking up the broom and dustpan).


  1. Ooh, how pretty! I especially like the mustarday and text prints! :)

    Pfft, cleaning. Pfft!


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