09 October 2013

Still growing...

Now that we're well into October, I'm feeling the itch to start decorating for Halloween.  Especially since the littlest one's birthday is coming up, and he wants a Halloween-themed celebration (in his mind that just means pumpkins everywhere).   

In between dreaming up clever ways to transform the house into a Halloween wonderland (I'm leaning cutesy-crafty, though the rest of the family want ghoulish-gory) I've done a bit of work on Marcelle.

I chose mostly prints from various Anna Maria Horner collections (which I own in droves) because of their deep and rich colors.  I added a skinny strip of newsprint after the bricks to lighten it up a bit.  But the next border, which is a big, chunky cut, makes the top feel heavy and I'm unsure whether or not I want to keep it.  The next round will have plenty of low-volume goodness, so I'll reserve judgement until I see the pluses framing the whole thing. 

More maple blocks are in the works.  I hope to have the last of them done today.  I may even have a Modern Maples quilt top by the end of the week!

Linking up to the Marcelle Medallion Quilt-along at penny poppleton and WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced.


  1. I love the fabrics you're using. It's really beautiful so far.

  2. DROVES of AMH?! My my my! Gorgeous!

  3. Nice medallion quilt. The last bright border doesn't feel heavy to me, but seems to finish and frame the quilt. If it were mine, I'd stop here.

  4. Oh yes, I LOVE the last border, I think the contrast in scale really makes it POP! I really am intrigued by your fabric choices. It made me get drawn in and notice and want to notice more...and I LOVE when that happens! Those are the quilts I stop and linger over at the shows. When I just looked again, I discovered that blue/yellow piece....fabulous! Thanks for the inspiration!

  5. Fabulous medallion - the fabrics and colours you have chosen are gorgeous

  6. I think it looks awesome Deborah! Can't wait to see the pluses.
    xo jan@sewandsowfarm

  7. I like this as it is, step away from the seam ripper!

    Can't blame your youngest either, a birthday based on pumpkins and tons of sweets? Hell yes...

  8. I think your assessment of the last border is correct--it is heavier and quite a change in mood--but you are also correct in seeing how the next borders might work with it before you make changes. I always keep in mind that you are the only one looking at the real quilt--the rest of us are just seeing a photograph, which flattens out and changes the look of the quilt.

    I love the medallions--should have done one myself, except for the long list of other Have-To's, so I really enjoy looking at other people's fabulous works of art, which yours is!

    Elizabeth E.

  9. You really cut the outermost border nicely! I really love your triangle and flying geese rounds. I'm looking forward to seeing more of it! :)

  10. Hi Deborah,
    I am over the moon for this quilt top. I can't wait to see what you will do next. I think you will know about the (current) last border when you get the next border together. Right now, I'm enjoying the change of scale and intensity of the last border.
    Will you be at sew day/meeting on Saturday? If so, I hope you bring it with you.

  11. This is looking just fabulous - love your colours, I am very inspired by the ones I have been seeing lately. I think that might be my next big challenge for me.


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