03 October 2013

The geese have landed

Now that fall is in the air (in the mornings, anyway), the urge to finish the quilts I have going is especially acute.  Swept up in two quilt-alongs as I am, chain-piecing has been the order of the day.  I've got nine Modern Maples blocks done with three more in progress.  (I do them in threes because I need the instant gratification of seeing finished blocks.) 

But what's more gratifying is that I've got border #4 (flying geese) of the Marcelle Medallion done.

I think this border has cured my desire to make a flying geese quilt (at least for now).  All those bias seams!  I really like how this quilt is shaping up.  I'm aiming for a rich and saturated scrappy look.  I like that the low-volume prints in the center and alternating borders keep it from looking too busy (I think).

The bricks for border #5 are all cut and ready for piecing.  I'm going to put the bricks in a bag and *try* to sew them as I pull them out rather than laying them out beforehand. 

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  1. That's so pretty! And this quilt hasn't made me ever want to make flying geese again either, but yours look great from here!

  2. I've been geesing tonight for a bee block - 24 of the little buggers have nearly done for me, so there's no way I'd ever get this quilt done lol


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