26 March 2012

Of birthdays, bags and blocks

Another birthday has come and gone.  I've reached an age where birthdays are quietly celebrated, and I value a relaxing day off from domestic duties more than anything else.  To that end, my husband, who knows me so well, arranged for a friend to watch the little guy all day, as well as shuttle the older kids home from school and to their various sports activities.

With no responsibilities to see to, my husband and I drove down to Monterey and whiled away the morning at an antique mall.  From there we went to Carmel for lunch and an afternoon wandering the quaint downtown area and footpath along the beach.  It's very rare that my husband and I have time to ourselves, so this was the perfect way to spend the day. 

Before we left on the birthday jaunt, I received a package from my FTLOS Swap partner.  As soon as I saw the point of origin on the envelope, I knew the contents held this gorgeous bag and mini wall-hanging I was hoping against hope were for me as soon as I saw them in the swap photo pool.

The bag is ideal for library books (with three kids we usually check out loads of books) or sewing projects, and the wall-hanging is the first handmade to grace my (tiny) sewing area.  Louise at lululollylegs got it just right.  She even (unknowingly) timed the package to arrive on my birthday!

The last week of the month brings the usual flurry of work on bee blocks and guild projects.  For this month's Piece Bee With You block, Jacqueline requested cat blocks.  I wanted to do something a little different, so I settled on the Cheshire cat from Alice in Wonderland.  He's meant to look like he's disappearing, leaving his grin and facial features.  My children think it's a little spooky- Martina described it as haunting.  Hope Jacqueline doesn't find it too creepy.

The rest of the week's tasks are settling on a project for the BAMQG Echo challenge, choosing a block for the 3x6 Mini Sampler bee, and some prep work for the guild's Q2 charity quilts.  I've fallen hopelessly behind on the A-Z Quilt-along, so I'll just do the letters for April and catch up later.


  1. So glad it arrived on your Birthday and it sounds like you had a really lovely day! Looks like you have a great set up for your sewing area and I'm quite chuffed to be a part of it - love your sewing machine too x

  2. Oooh, your Cheshire cat is nifty! That's a great idea! And happy belated birthday! :)

  3. Happy birthday! I just love that cat!


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