22 August 2012

Of sandcastles and pencil erasers

The end of summer snuck up on this unwitting household.  Too late to plan a weekend getaway before the beginning of the school year, we took the kids for a day of sun and fun at Seacliff Beach.  Note to self:  Next time, find a spot upwind of the concrete ship and it's many fine-feathered inhabitants.

With the "big kids" back in school this week, Kieran and I had some quality time together.  I also planned to spend some quality time with my Singer 301 while Kieran napped.  I was foiled yesterday, as Kieran decided to stick a pencil eraser in his right nostril.  My husband and I tried to dislodge the thing, working under the assumption that it was a wadded up piece of paper.  We finally took him to Urgent Care, where we were surprised to see said eraser.

I managed to piece this little stack of 2.5" hourglass blocks before the eraser-in-nostril incident.  They're part of a secret swap project for the Love Circle at do. Good Stitches.   

I also did a bit of stitching on the binding of a charity quilt, but stopped when I had trouble focusing my eyes on the needle tip.  A trip to the optometrist confirmed my suspicions: my aging eyes are going to need bifocals soon.  For now, I can get away with a pair of reading glasses while wearing my contact lenses.

Before I go, look at this stack of goodness arrived on my doorstep yesterday!

Now that the almost-3-year-old knows not to stick foreign objects up his nose, I hope to cut into these lovelies today for the Vintage Holiday Quilt-Along hosted by Heidi at Fabric Mutt.  I took my color scheme from Shiny Brites.  I chose Dear Stella Linework in grey for the sashing- going for a silvery tinsel effect.

Linking up with Lee at Freshly Pieced.


  1. The fabric fairy needs to visit my doorstep! :(

  2. Who knew that sticking things up their nose was a developmental milestone? My son did the same thing when he was nearly three without requiring the trip to Urgent Care. I just happened to stumble across the blog post the other day when I was trying to pin something I had done a couple years ago.


  3. Ahh, kids, gotta love 'em ;o) He was obviously just waiting til you got in front of the sewing machine too...

    Love the fabric!

  4. What kid hasn't stuck something up their nose? With our daughter it was a petunia that broke off leaving the stem wedged inside. Have fun with that lovely pile of pretty colors and dots.

  5. Haha, what is it about noses? Love those hourglasses! Thanks for linking up with WIP Wednesday.


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