02 August 2012

The mail carrier loves me!

At least it feels like she does.  July was my first-ever month to play hostess for do. Good Stitches, and blocks have been rolling in (along with a few more fabric de-stash swaps).  I was a little nervous about taking on quilting duties for the Love Circle - the ladies in the group are so talented and the quilts made thus far are spectacular.  But it's always good to challenge oneself, and so I volunteered to be July's quilter.

do. Good Stitches July color inspiration

The palette I chose was inspired by summer- nautical colors of blue, yellow, red and pops of gray on a white background.

The block is Film in the Fridge's Converging Corners.  This is a great take on the log cabin block, and I absolutely love the design once all blocks are sewn together (check out Ashley's finished quilt here).

I've just finished my own Converging Corners blocks (with an extra for Jess- because I'm a sucker for donation block requests).  I realized from making these blocks that my stash is pretty light on the reds.  Hmmm... I may need to fix that deficit.

Just waiting for a few more Converging Corners blocks to arrive, then it's nose to the grindstone!


  1. These look great! I do love this block and keep meaning to make some, alas, they're on my never ending 'To Do' list! Maybe if I start making double sided quilts...

  2. Mine are on the way!! Yours are wonderful!


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