30 May 2012

Dash to the finish

Not one to buck the system, I find myself sewing like mad to finish up my monthly sewing commitments.  Going into this last week of May,  I still have an apron for a swap with a fellow guild member, and blocks for Piece Bee and Design Camp.  I've been blocked (har-har) coming up with ideas for the two remaining bee blocks.  It was pretty much anything goes for both, and I find that challenging. 

My Design Camp block is hot off the machine.  Christine requested playful "bumper sticker" blocks.  Something to make her smile or giggle without being too raucous.  Tough one.  There were a few phrases I considered, but my sense of humor leans towards the inappropriate.  After much dithering, I settled on "Cheers!"  Because I'd waited until just about the last minute to start, there was a steep learning curve on free-form piecing the letters.  A few mistakes were made, but all in all, not too bad.

I'd gotten as far as C-H-E-E, then suddenly this Mike Meyers character popped into my head.  Twist!  I just had to make this:

It came out a *tad* large (10"x21"- yikes!) because of the change-up.  Hopefully, Christine can make it work.

I'm still agonizing over my Piece Bee block.  Alli's theme is "Favorite thing."  How to narrow it down to one?  I love so many things, and I honestly can't decide what one thing is THE favorite.  Probably over-thinking this one.

I suppose I should get started that apron.  If I could just remember where I (mis)placed the pattern and fabric...


  1. That's awesome! I love it! :D:D

    Oh good golly, I didn't realize it was almost the end of the month -- I just had one block to do this month, and I still left it till the last minute! >_<

  2. Love the cheeky monkey (says the unusually smug and prepared one lol)


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