23 May 2012

What's a Girl to do?

So much eye candy coming in on flickr and blogland from Quilt Market!  I have spent some serious time living vicariously through anyone who posted photos from the weekend.

Sample Spree sounds like madness.  I love fabric just as much as the next gal, but I don't know that I want to go into the fray for it.  But to those who braved it, kudos to you!  I guess if you're lucky enough to go to Market, you should experience Sample Spree at least once.

Seeing previews of upcoming collections has me in a bit of a quandary.  I've been wanting to buy a few OOP collections I've found on Etsy and a couple of online fabric shops.  But the photos from market have me drooling.  My quandary is this: do I spend my small fabric allowance on the sexy new stuff, or do I buy the FQ bundles of older collections not widely available anymore?

In sewing news, which I have to keep short because of an adorable 2-year old demanding attention, here are a few bee blocks I've finished:

For the Love Circle of do. Good Stitches, Deb pointed us to this tutorial and asked for Patchwork Wheels in bright prints.  I love scrappy blocks, and these were really fun to make.

Robin sent pre-cut squares and asked for Granny Squares for her Aqua and Red Bee blocks.  I had a little bit of a discrepancy after squaring up the blocks, which I'm sure is obvious in the picture.  I used a scant 1/4", so I'm not sure why they didn't square up correctly.  Anyway, I love the fabrics she sent- very pretty!


  1. Love the bee blocks! My granny squares never quite measure what they should, I blame the bias edges ;-)

  2. Decisions, decisions! Sorry, can't really help you, I'm wibbling a bit myself!

  3. I'm all about a good deal, and those are generally easier found in older lines. However, I do kind of get jealous that I usually work with the hot fabrics three months or more after they've already made their rounds in blogland (if at all). So...I guess I'm no help!

  4. Your bee blocks are fantastic!

    Hmm.... I vote for new fabric so that you don't have to buy them at higher prices when they're out of print. Unless! Unless the oop bundles are really good deals. :>

    (I finally just finished entering all the SMS giveaways, and I almost wrote, "thanks for the chance to win!" in this comment! Hah!)


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