14 May 2012

The happy campers return

Mother's Day weekend was spent camping with Martina's Girl Scout troop.  It was the first time Martina and I had ever been camping, and it was great fun.  I love the outdoors, but when all's said and done, I like to be safe from bears and other wild animals, have access to running water, flushing toilets and such.  The trip to Live Earth Farm in Watsonville, CA was the perfect way to ease non-campers, such as Martina and myself, into communing with nature.

The previous weekend was the monthly meeting of the Bay Area Modern quilt guild, which I always leave feeling so inspired.  Afterwards, I felt the burning need to buy fabric, start a new project, and organize my stash.

The urge to buy fabric actually came before Saturday's meeting.  An hour before, to be exact.  I carpool with Julie of the Intrepid Thread, and I met her at her shop.  I purposely did not bring money in a paltry attempt to avoid buying fabric.  While we were waiting for the third person in our carpool to arrive, I saw Rhapsodia from Art Gallery Fabrics.  I fell hard. After the meeting, back at the shop, I found myself telling Julie "Paypal me, please."  I left with the beautiful bundle below.

I feel compelled to admit I had no intention of buying Rhapsodia.  I'm a huge Art Gallery Fabrics fan, but I thought I'd wait for the release of Indie for my next major fabric spree.  A SAHM has to carefully consider her purchases.  When I saw Rhapsodia face-to-face though, it was over.  This collection is gorgeous, and the photos online just don't do it justice.  I bought 1/2 yards of my favorite prints from the collection, plus enough yardage of this print to make myself a summer dress.

Last Sunday afternoon, I started cutting fabric.  Not Rhapsodia, which needs to be petted and admired for a while first, but Poetica.  (Remember this post?)  Martina bought a FQ bundle as soon as it was released.  This quilt at the BAM quilt guild meeting, made with Bespoken, was the push I needed to start her quilt.  Poetica has been petted and admired long enough.  Here's a sneak peek at what it will become:

Half of the blocks are done, and the remaining will be done in coordinating colors of Pure Elements.  Fingers crossed that I'll have the quilt top done by next month's guild meeting. 

As for the stash organization, that fell to the wayside.  Sleeping bags, flashlights, mess kits and a tent had to be acquired for the big camping trip.  Maybe this week.  Maybe.


  1. Glad you survived the camp - I only camp where there's a good loo block and showers ;o)

    I think it would be fatal for me to carpool with Julie, or anyone that owned a fabric shop though lol

  2. Pretty fabrics! I won't even camp with good amenities now, last time I went I couldn't stand for two weeks with a bad back.:)

  3. We are soooo honored that you have described that meeting... Thank you for bringing a smile to all of our faces here at AGF.

    1. I'm so delighted you stopped by and enjoyed this post!

  4. Ooooh, fatal! That's so funny that you tried to resist buying fabric by leaving your wallet at home! hehehe.

    I think I must be lucky that I can't see fabric in person -- then I'd buy even more! I'm really excited to see your summer dress! I bet it'll make me want to buy some Art Gallery, too. I just bought a dress pattern to try and some sale yardage; I'm eager to try it out, but I think I'd better practice with muslin first. :}

  5. I did the same thing last week. I took a color theory class and had to drop one of the gals off at Sew Modern (my LQS). Didn't intend on buying fabric, but ended up buying some Rhapsodia. Curses!!! I have no self-control.

    1. I tried to email you but your account is set up as "no-reply" commenter.

      Lesson learned for both of us: do NOT go into the shop! ;)


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