01 May 2012

Potholder Envy

The last of my April swap/bee commitments was finished at the eleventh hour.  I started them Sunday evening, thinking I had plenty of time, that they didn't have to go out until Tuesday.  As I was sewing, that old calendar mnemonic popped into my head- "thirty days hath September, April, June and November..."  Panic!  I sewed into the wee small hours, turning in when all that was left was the binding.

I forgot that the two-year old always has separation anxiety from daddy and the big kids on Mondays, so I couldn't start the binding until his afternoon nap.  So you see, it's really Kieran's fault that I didn't finish my potholders in time to mail them by the deadline...

All kidding aside, I love the potholders and wish I was keeping them for myself.  My swap partner didn't post a mosaic and left it pretty open as far as requirements go.  She did mention the colors in her kitchen, so that was my starting point.  I then stalked her blog, mosaics she posted for other swaps, and her Flickr favorites.  Here's what I came up with:

They were paper-pieced using this block pattern.  I hope I'm not too much off the mark with the design.  These would look so perfect in my own kitchen.  I may just make them again.


  1. Bad Kieran... ;o)

    Love the potholders anyway :o)

  2. Those potholders are gorgeous!

  3. Your potholders are super cute!

    Aw, that's adorable that Kieran misses his daddy and the big kids. He must want you to hug him all morning long! :):)

  4. Love these potholders. Maybe you can put on a tute at the guild meeting?


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