26 April 2012

Love and Piece

Whew!  Three more blocks are finished and ready to go.  They were definitely the most time-consuming blocks I've made this month.  Every minute of my spare time the past few days has been spent on them.  But there's no rest for the weary... I've still got two potholders for Bee a {modern} Swapper and two charity blocks to make before month's end.

For this month's Love Circle block, Rachel chose Polaroid blocks based on this tutorial.  My kids saw them in progress and asked what Polaroids are (aren't they cute).  So we hopped on Google, and through the power of the interwebs they learned all about Polaroid cameras, and now "Hey Ya" makes a little more sense to them.  Of course now we're in the market for a Polaroid camera (one of the older models, which I've seen at estate and yard sales).

The tutorial recommended paper-piecing the individual polaroids, but I opted to chain-piece them based on the measurements given for the fussy cut centers and white strips.  I attempted to make some of them jauntily askew, but it sort of looks like I wasn't precise with the squaring up.  The thought came into my head to un-sew the blocks and skew them a bit more, but then out it went.  I might have done so if these were the last of my sewing commitments (maybe).

Kelly asked for blocks pertaining to being sick with cold and flu for Piece Bee.  My first couple of ideas were claimed right away.  Then I though back to my childhood, and every single time I or one of my siblings had an inkling of a cough, out came the Vicks Vaporub and the humidifier.  Vicks, along with Mercurochrome, were my parents' weapons of choice against childhood ailments and injuries.  (I had forgotten all about Mercurochrome until this month's theme came up.  Here's why it isn't sold anymore.)

On the docket this afternoon are two charity blocks that a fellow guild member is collecting for a Quilts of Valor project, and then some much-needed housekeeping. 


  1. Love the polaroids, and great idea for Kelly. I'm going to draw mine tonight so I can make it tomorrow I think...

  2. i love vapo-rub and the humidifier!!! and your fabric choices are perfection!!

  3. Love your polaroid blocks and in particular, your croc rocks!

  4. Those polaroids are awesome! So many great prints to "picture". And your humidifier - we had one of those, too. :) It's little 'blub-blub-blub' when I was sick was actually very soothing. Thanks for bringing back the memories!

  5. Your polaroid blocks are so cute! I love the smell of Vicks... :)

  6. I think they're perfectly slanty-like. You did well!


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