17 March 2011

Cut and sew

     One hundred and twenty components cut out.  Whew!  What one girl can accomplish when laid up on the sofa (hurt my back working out- never underestimate the importance of stretching).

     Sewing these pretties into units, then into blocks, was no walk in the park.  More than a few of them are slightly wonky, but only one has mismatched points.  Here are all thirty of them in all their glory:

     I have to say, the template tracing, the cutting, and the sewing of curves wasn't as daunting as I first thought.  The tracing and cutting were actually oddly relaxing.  The sewing was a little tedious- I had to stop every few stitches to adjust the fabric around the curves.
     Now the fun begins- block setting.  No more curves and no sashing between the blocks, so this should go fairly quickly.


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  2. I love your patterns! You are such an inspiration.

  3. Thanks, Julia! We should get together for some sewing soon!


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