18 March 2011

Ready, set, sew!


     Ta-daa!  Retro Chic blocks are set and ready to be sewn together.  Not sure if I'm crazy about the Soul Blossoms Bright Pear Peacock Feathers fabric choice.  That's what happens when you're at the cutting table having fabric cut with a long line of people also waiting to have fabric cut, then realize you need one more fabric and you grab the first thing you see that might work.  Here's hoping one of the border fabrics I chose will pull it all together.
     I would be remiss not to mention that I squared up the blocks after sewing them up.  In yesterday's post, you can see all the strings and threads hanging off of them.  Also, some of the edges were wonky from sewing the curved components.  I did spend about 15 minutes squaring them all up to 8 1/2-inch tidy squares.  I hope I got that right.  The pattern says that the quilt pattern is based on 8-inch squares, but I'm thinking they meant 8-inch finished squares.

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