31 March 2011

Oh, My Aching Back and other stories

     Success!  Retro Chic quilt top finished, the backing pieced, batting cut to size, and quilt sandwich assembled.  Much time was spent on my knees bent over the quilt sandwich for pinning.  I think I need a visit to the chiropractor. 
     I quilted said sandwich during pockets of time I made for myself by ignoring household duties.  Since I only know how to stitch in the ditch, stitch in the ditch it was.  I learned the hard way that one should not attempt to do this after having a glass or two of wine.  A very nice glass of Malbec caused me to wander in and out of the ditch a few times, as you can see below.

Here's the worst offender.  I think this was after the second glass.

     I've moved on to piecing the scrappy binding.  I wanted to use only the big print fabrics left over from the blocks, but after sewing up everything I have alas! not enough binding.  So, I'll be un-sewing parts of the binding to add another fabric to the mix.  Un-sewing: it's what I do best.  Ah well, it gives me an opportunity to fix the part of the binding where I accidentally reversed the fabric order.  Silver lining :)

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